We don’t just target your customers; we target your competitor’s customers and bring them to you.


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AutoGross Marketing Technology Maximizes Results

AutoGross Marketing is the industry leader in utilizing an integrated marketing approach to help you find and convert automotive prospects to buyers faster and more cost-effectively than ever. Our multi-platform approach gives you the edge over your competition, and it is our mission to help your dealership convert automotive prospects, increase sales team expertise, and increase your market shares.

Conquest marketing & big data management

To succeed, you need an integrated approach. AutoGross Marketing uses traditional media, direct mail, digital marketing, SMS, social media, and HD video to capture inbound leads, trades, fixed-ops, and non-prime interest. Find out what it feels like to get a flood of actionable leads flowing straight into your dealership CRM.

The Secret of our Success

Customizable marketing that works for you

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team works with you to ensure we create a marketing plan that increases sales, profit, and sales team expertise, all within your budget.


Our team is ahead of the pack! Get guaranteed results

Our experienced, professional trainers focus on helping you plan and manage your marketing and events to deliver an increased closing ratio and profits for your dealership. We are so confident in what our team can accomplish when we combine our private sales and marketing that we offer a money-back guarantee!*


Home of the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut technologies deliver personalized communication to scale, and are designed for maximum efficiency and cost savings. As the automotive industry’s most robust lead generation platform, Juggernaut is designed to capture consumers while they are shopping automotive sales and service-related categories.

We don’t just find you customers

We find your competitors’ customers,
and bring them to you!



Dominate your market with conquest marketing & big data management

Every successful marketing campaign needs a strong mixture of digital components, traditional media, and lead generation. These tactics must be integrated into a cohesive, optimized strategy. 

AutoGross uses a combination of digital marketing, traditional media, direct mail, SMS, animated HTML display ad, HD video, recon tools, and more to capture inbound leads, trades, non-prime, fixed ops, and automate your reconditioning process.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach your audience and create new leads.
On average, direct mail can drive up to 28% MORE TRAFFIC to your showroom floors.

Email Marketing

Email is your opportunity to speak directly to your customers in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Coupled with the right messaging, email can become one of your most impactful marketing channels. Available with all our conquest platforms.

Lead Generation​

Our platforms use a combination of gamification and post click optimization (PCO) to create, optimize, control, and personalize experiences at scale to MAXIMIZE LEAD CONVERSIONS AND DECREASE COSTS. As this information is collected AutoGross IDDM platform can funnel this information into a dealers CRM as HARD LEADS!

Digital Marketing​

AutoGross Digital Platforms brings the latest technologies into your dealership allowing you to aggressively INFILTRATE COMPETITOR DEALERSHIPS and IDENTIFY & TARGET consumers who own a particular make/model of a vehicle, live within a specific geographic area, and whose on-line behavior suggests they are in the market to buy or service a vehicle.

Social Media

Get your social leads tracked and proven through our live marketing dashboard. Get up to 116% HIGHER CTR THAN THE INDUSTRY AVERAGE for your paid media today.

Private Sales

Our professional trainers are experienced professionals focused on helping you plan and manage the events, to ensure increased closing ratio and profits.


AutoGross also offers CRM integration, detailed metrics, and dashboard systems that will help track your leads, appointments, sales and more.

Metrics, Leads, and More...

CRM Integration

Leads flow seamlessly into your sales process.

Detailed Metrics

Tracks lead model selection, trade data, credit worthiness, contact info, and device source.

Follow-up System

The AutoGross system will help you track contacts, appointments, test drives, and sales.
Request a demo to find out what it feels like to get a flood of actionable leads flowing straight into your dealership CRM.
Pembroke Honda, Jimmy Lapointe Automotive Group

Real Results

I’ve heard great things about AutoGross and we decided to partner with them for our lead generation and marketing campaign efforts at our countryside Honda dealership, and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve had the biggest sale month in our store’s history with over 82 Units Sold, including our Trainer Mike LeBlanc led sales event where we sold 28 incremental sales!

– Moe Gurgi, GM/Pembroke Honda, Jimmy Lapointe Auto Group

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