Direct Mail Marketing

With innovative designs and engaging content, our direct mail marketing will capture your intenders and move them into your database for full dissemination to your sales staff.

Direct Mail

Still one of the best ways to generate new leads

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach your audience and create new leads. Direct mail targets your message to key decision makers and drives new traffic to your showroom floors. It is the best value for your advertising budget, with maximum benefits at a minimal cost. It separates you from the competition, increases your customer base, and reinforces loyalty with your audience. Direct mail campaigns will reap huge profits for your dealership and your return on investment will certainly be high when using direct mail. Most importantly – direct mail sells cars.


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Small Business Trends reports that as much as 90% of direct mail is opened, while email only gets an open rate of between 20% and 30% (and some email is opened much less frequently).

AutoGross Marketing – A Leader in Direct Mail Marketing

AutoGross Marketing has over 100 years of combined retail car experience, with over 20 professional sales teams. We partner with Mailworks, based in Canada, ensuring an extremely fast turn around time and the highest quality mailers in the industry.

We develop, facilitate, and deliver – you enjoy your increased profits!

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