Juggernaut technologies deliver personalized communication to scale, and are designed for maximum efficiency and cost savings.



Personalized Communication to Scale

In just 20 months of OEM development and execution, Juggernaut, AutoGross’ proprietary application, has already saved OEM’s millions in advertising spend, as compared to traditional PPC marketing. It’s now available to dealerships! In fact, dealers adopting our Juggernaut application typically see a 50-70% reduction in PPC ad spend budgets with higher conversion rates.

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Designed for efficiency and cost savings

Your Complete Digital Package

Juggernaut provides dealers with a superior ROI, integrated marketing strategies, and actionable data giving them an exclusive opportunity to dominate their markets.

The Juggernaut Platform offers your dealership the cutting edge in Variable and Fixed Ops Digital Tools. Designed for efficiency and cost savings, Juggernaut brings the latest technologies into your dealership allowing you to aggressively infiltrate competitor dealerships. Stay at the top-of-mind level with prospective buyers by embedding your sales messaging when and where their customers are, in the intended portion of the sales funnel. You now have the ability to coordinate multiple sales and service strategies to reduce costs and have a one-stop real time reporting feature with the most predatory marketing tool available.

Optimize Your Results and Reduce Your Costs

Access the Juggernaut VIP dashboard, an exclusive benefit to dealership groups. See Juggernaut in action!

We don’t just find you customers

We find your competitors’ customers,
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